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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  August 13, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> coming up, a maryland man kidnapped in pakistan. >> how the contractor was affected days before he was set to come back to the u.s. who won the poll in iowa?
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and a candid it did just entered the race. a man is a step the to death in dc >> hauschka gates might have prevented paramedics from getting to a dying man by several minutes -- how a gates might have prevented paramedics from getting to a dying mansions by several minutes. captioned by the national captioning institute >> we begin tonight with breaking news. four people are dead after there was a collapse at the indianapolis state fair. sugar land was set to perform at the fair grounds when a powerful storm went through. a gust of wind toppled the stage tonight. fans were trapped.
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emergency officials are on the scene. we will bring more details as we get them. now to the abduction of an american man and in pakistan. he is a development contractor that was kidnapped days before he was set to go back to the u.s.. some say this was an inside job. richard is live at the scene where he worked. >> the company -- the company is right here in arlington. they believe that perhaps this is an inside job. they are questioning security guard and a driver. heavily armed police and now stand guard after the assault early saturday. "police say a group of eight or 10 gunmen stormed the compound and kidnapped and american contracts ,warren weinstein. >> i am concerned because this
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was going to be his last overseas project. >> friends are still trying to piece together what happened. authorities say the gunmen wanted to give them food. and active sharing during the holy month of ramadan. >> it came up to the door and wanted to share food. when they got in, they grabbed him. >> three guards were left tied up. the 70-year-old was snatched from the bedroom and thrown into a waiting car. >> i do not feel safe at all. >> for the past seven years, and he has worked in pakistan for j.d. austin and associates. -- j.e. austin associates. he owns a this home in rockville
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with his wife. no one is at the home today. chris myers, a retired marine, who has traveled the world says there are many countries where it is dangerous to be an american. >> i held these are not some of those crazy radical out there. >> "the wall street journal" reporter that was captured and killed by al qaeda in pakistan back in 2002. authorities are trying to figure out if this is a militant group or someone trying to get a ransom. we were told that once he was hoping to return to the u.s. as soon as monday. w -- weinstein was hoping to return to the u.s. as soon as monday. the latest in vote 2012. congressman -- congresswomen michele bachmann came in with
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most of the votes. tim apology came in third. rick was fourth. ron paul was second. a new candidate is in the race and is expected to be a formidable opponent, texas gov. rick perry. he was hundred away -- hundreds of miles away from iowa. texas gov. rick perry was in south carolina changing the game. >> it is time to get america working again. that is why with the support of my family and unwavering belief in the goodness of america i declare to you today as a candidate for president of the united states. >> he was able to post a third of one -- one-third of all new jobs created in texas. he has spent most of his adult life as an elected official. he is a conservative christian
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texas longest serving governor. >> i promise you this. i will work every day to try to make washington d.c. as inconsequential in your life as i can. >> he tried to sell the crowd. >> it is time we restore freedom to america. is it time for barack obama to go? >> i believe it is time we have an island in the white house. >> there could be a -- iowan in the white house. >> we have just sent a message to barack obama. [unintelligible] >> this poll is not an indicator of who will be the republican nominee, but it can help give momentum to a candidate. the question now is how much money can rick perry raised?
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the first primary four months away. michele bachmann and tim pullen de are scheduled to appeaawlenty are scheduled to appear. -- a gate blocking paramedics could have wasted precious minutes trying to save a man's life. our reporter is live tonight. >> details are still hazy at this point. police are being very tight- lipped. a man was stabbed to death in an apartment. residents believe that if it had not been for this locked gate, he may have gotten to the hospital in time. >> when i opened the door, he was all bloody. >> this woman, who asked not to be identified, recalls seeing her next-door neighbor taking
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his final breath after being stabbed to death last night. she immediately called 911. when authorities arrived, they ran into a problem. >> they could not get into the gate. they had to walk around to the front gate. by the time they got the stairs to the man he had stopped breathing. >> individual fates are in front of each unit. the residents say they are locked both ways. only a security guard can open them keeping a residence in first responders. >> >> that is therefore no reason. that's one right there is therefore no reason. that is a problem. >> the man's identity has not been released. but this woman says she once police and -- she says police and paramedics scrambled to get
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through the gate. >> they had to find their way in. by the time they got here, he is taking his last breath. >> we have put in calls to the company that manages the property. no response yet as to why they have this particular security procedure in place. the investigation is ongoing. they do not know of any delays once the paramedics met trying to get in. police are investigating a car accident on the bw parkway that left three people dead including a baby. it happened just after 2:30 this morning. u.s. park police say the driver and sof an suv lost control of the car and ran into a tree. three other children and adults are hospitalized in critical
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condition. a three-month old baby was pronounced dead. and a maryland man has been held questioning in him and a travel companion. a couple was vacationing earlier this month when one mom and went missing. a person says that their relationship was stormy. >> it was a roller-coaster from shipping. hot and cold. >> he denies he was involved in her disappearance. she said -- he said they were struggling when she was separated from him. we are in a storm watch today. heavy rain will be moving in tomorrow. we have been watching scattered showers and thunderstorms moved during the
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overnight hours. the good news, is that they are beginning to fizzle out. the flash flood warning for culpeper is expiring, just about four minutes at 11:15. many are asking, what is that smell outside. it is a swamp fire burning south of richmond. head over to for live pictures from nasa and more on the forecast coming up in a few minutes. still to come, the so-called slutwalk. and where you can do some tax- free back-to-school sho
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>> an elderly woman is rescued after she accidentally runs her
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car into a pool in columbia, maryland. it happened early this morning. firefighters believe the one woman lost control of her car and drove into the pool. they had to use the letters to reach her -- ladders to reach her. police believe she will be ok. a it is known as the slutwalk and it came to d.c. today. walker's came to the base of the washington moment to listen to speakers who survived a sexual assault. >> it is important to speak out and to say that you are not alone. this is the beginning of your healing. >> they are raising awareness for sexual crimes and harassment. they want rape kits place at all places that receive public funding. and they would want some training mandatory for police officers. and the tax-free shopping
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holiday runs tomorrow until next friday. taxes will apply to excess three items in the school supplies such as pencils binders, and notebooks. they are not included in the tax-free promotion. still to come, a boy scout survival story. he is telling us how he survived. and
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>> a moment that changed world history is being remembered in germany. this marks the rebuilding of the -- berlin wall. the wall a symbol of the cold war. it stayed in place for 28 years. it was torn down in 1989. a solemn memorial in shreveport louisiana, for one of the 30 u.s. server -- service members killed last week in afghanistan. chief petty officer robert reid died in the crash.
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his family released a statement saying nothing made him happier than to serve with the best. that is what he gave his family his friends, and everyone's lives that he had touched. and a second commander grow up with him. we have more information on our website. go to a a young boy scout was found after being lost in the wild in utah. jared ropelato was found 20 hours after he is missing. he said he was scared. he kept himself warm as the ted rogers dropped to 31 degrees overnight. he dug a hole, hunkered down, and covered himself with the dirt to stay warm. >> they said we could stay warm
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and put the dirt over you. >> searchers found him 5 miles from where he went missing. he is in good condition. when asked if he would ever go camping again he said, yes. to host ofwo hosts of the "view" will be sporting wedding bands when they return. joy behar married her longtime beau and sherri shepherd got married as well. there is a smoke outside and it is part of a huge swamp fire outside of richmond that continues to burn. 6,000 acres have burned. no homes are threatened.
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notice of the smell -- you will notice the small for the next couple of days. nasa released photographs of the fires from the air that are pretty impressive. here is our doppler radar. looking at quiet conditions across the area. a high of 86 degrees at a rate in the national airport. the record not even close. 101, set back in 1881. an old record. went out of the south, southwest at 15. that is why you are small and the smoke in the air. arlington at 73 degrees. half inch of rain in the district. silver springs, 75 degrees. a high of 82.
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over a third of injured rain. -- a third o inchff and inch of rain. tomorrow could be one of the coolest days we have seen since the middle of june. an area of low pressure -- this is the system that brought the nasty weather that brought the state collapse in indiana. a slight risk for severe thunderstorms tomorrow. looking at gusty winds and heavy downpours during morning and afternoon hours. the heaviest of rain expected to move tomorrow night and early monday morning. and this is for poor air quality due to the swamp fires. an update on tropical storm
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franklin, no threat to the mainland united states. it will continue to move off to the north east. it is picking up speed at 19 miles per hour, when only at 40 miles per hour. here is futurecast. next 48 hours d.c. the heaviest of showers will come to the right. up to two inches of rain expected. high near 80 degrees tomorrow. temperatures hold mid 80's. tuesday and wednesday look absolutely beautiful. enjoy tuesday and wednesday. the nice weather always
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>> people gathered in d.c. for the jamaican independent gala that kicked up at 6:30 this
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evening. the mission is to foster and promote jamaican heritage. and participating in this event, [unintelligible] a lot going on today. we will see some field fireworks. a popular redskin this weekend. and a starter
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know who you'll run into. get started at >> the toyota sports desk. moving you forward. it is never i deal to go up against a determined royals walled oswalt. to make matters worse, and john lannan is 1-10 against the phillies. this player rounds third. can he make it home? he advances to second on the throw. tie game. bottom of the third john leannan makes the play of the
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day. amazing. the nats made 3 errors tonight. ian goes to second. here goes valdez for home. he's got it. the phillies blow out nats 11-3. let's go here. blake davis slices once down the left-field line. a three-run homer. his first of the year. ryan raburn is two runners come home. they win 6-5. the football kicker not be the most glamorous position, but went down to the wire, think of the nail biting loss to tampa bay. a rocky first year with the skins this player. 11 missed field goals. they brought in shayne graham.
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a pre-season opener. gano was perfect on all three of field-goal attempt. one kicker headed out of washington early? asked mike shanahan. >> i sit back here for a day and will share with you once we make a decision as to what we will do. we are looking for opportunities in this game to take advantage of those opportunities. shane gramm did it take advantage of those opportunities today. >> there is no animosity between us. shayne is a great kicker. for the pga championship leader board tiger woods is gone. phil mendelson felt seven strokes behind the leader. the title is up for the taking
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in atlanta. here is the 14th hole, in the bunker the ships it out, and check the ball. it keeps rolling in the rolling. shooting 5 under 55. here is a co-leader on the eighth hole with a long birdie attempt. it falls in. he ties with jason at 7 under. let us go for some soccer. andy with this cross move because the defender. this was his first of two goals on the night. they blow out of vancouver,4-0. the washington mystics lost 82- 752 conn. they are a 5 ugly-n ugly 5-16. they lost 82-75
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>> we have a new contest for a free ipad 2. if you wanted, all you have to do is like our facebook page and enter the contest to the left. steve is here, and it is like a prize for the final check on the forecast. take a look at this extended outlook. tomorrow, a washout. indoor activity is a good idea. 81 degrees for a daytime high. a 40% chance of showers on monday. we need the rain. could get up to two inches by tomorrow night.


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